My flavors don’t start in the kitchen. They’re born from imagination. Limitless, with wild, unconventional combinations. Each with its own story. You don’t need an occasion to eat them; they ARE the occasion. They’re a multi-layered experience to be enjoyed anywhere, with anyone, at anytime. 

It all started with a challenge. In 2013, I set out to make 100 ice cream flavors in 365 days. As a rookie, this was an effort to exponentially grow as an artisan in just a year's time, with an emphasis on mastering the composition. Working with hundreds of under-represented ingredients, my focus slowly shifted from technique to innovation. Science became art. 

To create something that has never been tasted before, and for that to be an experience for someone else -- there is nothing that makes me happier. 





Scoopsies' ice cream is hand-crafted, fresh from the cow, and wholesome in every way. It's made from scratch, in the smallest of batches, so every bite is thought out. Our stabilizer-free dairy is sourced from cows that are thoughtfully cared for and never treated with hormones. And our ingredients are locally foraged as often as possible. Ready to dig in?


I'm Chloe and I'm the (lactose-intolerant) Boston native who makes every pint and scoop you dip your spoon into. "Ice cream store owner" was on my list of dream jobs for as long as I can remember. Shortly after graduating from film school, I *conveniently* decided the entertainment industry wasn't for me and began pursuing side projects. Hungry for new hobbies, I ordered my first ice cream maker in 2012 and got a little dirty.

I blogged. A lot. And people kept asking where they could find my ice cream. So I took one giant leap of faith, adopted an Emery Thompson, and haven't looked back since. It's been a sweet ride and I'm looking forward to many more years of mixing things up in the kitchen.

Oh, and I'm a people person. If you're at one of our events, stop by and tell me your story!