(#1) TURKISH COFFEE: Cardamom Kick

After months of preparation for this project, it's FINALLY here!  In one year from now, we will have made 100 ice cream flavors.  Just thinking of the recipes we will bring to life, and the delicious variety of flavors we will get to taste is such an overwhelming yet delightful idea. With the diving of our spoons into the first of our many flavors, we began the adventure that is 100 Scoopsies.

Because this was our first flavor, we had to pick something bold--something rich, that you don't often see as a selection in the ice cream shop.  It had to be something special and coming up with it ourselves just didn't seem right.  So we took to our followers and got some really solid suggestions. With the most votes,Turkish Coffee it was.

Turkish Coffee is quite a simple flavor, but the subtle kick of the cardamom makes all the difference. This recipe is so rich and creamy--it was hard to put the spoon down!