{AN UPDATE: 20 Flavors Along & So In Love With Scoopsies}

What a crazy few months it's been! From Turkish Coffee to Truffle Shuffle, so much has happened since we launched Scoopsies on February 9th.  

Keeping up with 100 Scoopsies has been a challenge.  So much work goes in to one flavor--deciding on a flavor, putting together the recipe, making it, (sometimes making it


), the post and the photos.  And then there's the ice cream social, and keeping everyone up-to-date and as involved in Scoopsies as possible. There's so much to do in only 365 days! But every flavor we churn makes us better ice cream makers and leads us closer to having our own brand of ice cream.  

The support keeps us going:

Soon after launching our project, The Boston Herald got in touch with us and asked to do

a feature

on our 100 Scoopsies project.  


We launched a Kickstarter a few weeks ago to raise funds for a big-batch ice cream maker and to cover expenses for starting our business.  We have so many supportive and generous friends, so we thought we'd be ambitious and set our goal at $500.  With 47 backers behind our project, we raised a whopping $1,250. Our friends and family are incredible--we promise to make you all proud! 

The next step: Get a business license and start making pints for the public! 

It took days of churning and churning to prepare for our very first ice cream social!  A full sundae bar, frappes, sprinkle cones, and ice cream sodas were all on the menu, and our 30 guests could choose from some of our favorite flavors (Maple Walnut, Strawberry Rhubarb, Banana Chai, Dirty Water Java, Lemon Ginger, Lychee, Vanilla, Oreo, and Coffee Oreo).  The day was a delight (see below!) 

{Scoopsies straws}

{Rachael drinks a Strawberry Rhubarb mini frappe!}

 {Homemade sprinkle cones, coconut cones, and some fruit toppings}

{Chloe & Sarah}

If you didn't attend this one, and are eager to taste some Scoopsies, our next ice cream social, coming June 30th, will be held at the Great Scott in Allston and open to the public!  For ice cream social invites and special project updates, get on our

Mailing List!

We can't wait for what's next!  We just selected our next 20 flavors and it makes me wonder what surprises will come this time around...

Now, onto our next batch...