{AN UPDATE: 40 Flavors Down, 60 To Go: Ice Cream All Day, Every Day}

As we hit our 40th flavor milestone, we'd like to take a moment to reflect on how much our project has evolved and how it has changed our lives in the sweetest of ways:

Last night I woke up from two of the most delightful dreams.  In one of them, I was simply churning a batch of Dirty Watah Java.  I could smell the sweetness in my dream and hear the humming of the ice cream maker.  At some point this dream faded and lead me into the next one: a friend of mine who I hadn't spoken to in almost a year, posted a status on Facebook raving about Scoopsies.  "I am obsessed with Scoopsies!"  His status was almost at 100 likes.  (I refreshed the page and received notifications in my dream, which is very, very scary). 

With 40 flavors behind us, we're in the thick of it.  Scoopsies is no longer a cute hobby we entertain after work or in our free time. Our lives are fully emerged in this project.  We eat, sleep, breathe, and dream Scoopsies. 

It feels as if our first ice cream social (on my back porch) was ages ago.  Ten quarts was massive at the time. We were churning ice cream for days and running around like crazy, getting everything together to serve twenty of our closest friends.  That was just a tiny taste of what was to come.  

The past two months have looked like this:  

Shortly after our first social, really special opportunities started pouring in, adding to the already-established madness of making 100 flavors in a year.  While the heatwave struck Boston, we were busy churning copious amounts of ice cream for our second ice cream social, creating flavors for potential business collaborators, packing pints for special deliveries, and of course, keeping up with our blog.  We recently met with the owners of a local restaurant with the goal of having Scoopsies ice cream on their dessert menu, and we've been working hard every day to get our retail business up and running.  

There's also something to say about how this project has affected our everyday lives.  A year ago we would be out in Allston on a Saturday night.  Now we stay in, making one of our 100 flavors or preparing for one of our socials--and we love every minute of it. The project is taking over our lives in every way.  We are now the "ice cream girls" and nearly every conversation we hold turns to ice cream. At this point if I wasn't allowed to talk about ice cream, I would have no social skills to conduct a conversation.  

During this 20-flavor chapter of Scoopsies, we surprised ourselves at what we could accomplish--including our second ice cream social (such a jump from our first one!) With the potential of serving 220 guests at the Great Scott in Allston, we made over 10 gallons of ice cream.  

The point of our socials is to share our favorite and most requested ice creams or sorbets, every 20 flavors.  As part of the challenge of this project, each social has to be greater in scale in every way (guest count, ice cream production, location, etc).  The idea is that we learn to produce ice cream at increasing quantities, develop our management skills, and gain more and more exposure as the project goes on.  In every way, this social was a success.  The support was overwhelming, and the turn out was at 180+, nearly selling out on a Sunday night. Everyone seemed to love our flavors, and we had guests coming up to us all night, asking where they could buy our ice cream.   

The evening was a perfect way to wrap up this second chapter and welcome us into the next...
Tonight is the night! (Special thanks to our friend Carl Lavin for letting us put this special evening together, as well as the kids in BOYTOY, Yale, MA & Earthquake Party!)

Giving the Great Scott a little touch of Scoopsies.
Guests were invited to try any and all of our eight flavors available: Green Tea, Coconut Almond Carob Chip, Coffee Oreo, Cantaloupe Sorbet, Chocolate Pudding, Cookie Dough, Blueberry Cheesecake, and Pistachio.  
Our friend Irem (from Turkey!) helping us get the first scoops out. 
Posing for a hot pale mess of a second, before returning to the scooping madness! 
Sarah's twin sister Rachael tasting some Scoopsies!
Blurred cuties. Thanks to our many friends who came out to support us!
The last of the Green Tea and Cantaloupe Sorbet.  Two favorites from the evening. 

To the next 20!  Bring it on, Scoopsies!