(#57) APPLE CINNAMON: Scoopsies Goes Apple Picking!

Oddly enough, Sarah and I rarely get to spend time together unless, of course, it's Scoopsies-related. Excluding business, it feels as if we go out together only once or twice a month. It sounds ridiculous because we are best friends and business partners, but when the rare occasion of us both being free arises, it's always really special! 

Carlson Orchards, Harvard, MA

A few weeks ago, we reserved the day for apple picking in Harvard, MA.  We brought along two of Sarah's Korean friends who had never been apple picking before (see cute photos below!)  The day was a delight, as is this rich apple cinnamon ice cream!

Sarah, Younji & Hyun

For this recipe, we baked four (peeled and chopped) apples for about 20 minutes, glazed w

ith a bit of maple syrup, cinnamon and butter.  We let the baked apples sit in the cream and milk mixture for about an hour and strained them out.  After letting the mixture ripen in the fridge overnight, we cooked two sliced apples smothered with butter and cinnamon in a pan over medium heat, and mixed them in to the ice cream base a few minutes before it was done churning: