(#61) PUMPKIN PIE: A Belated Halloween Treat

Most foods marketed as "pumpkin" flavor are really just a blend of the Fall spices (cinnamon, clove, ginger, etc) and don't even have a bit of pumpkin in them.  Made with fresh pumpkin  purée, our Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream is the real deal.  

When we worked at Emack & Bolios a few years ago, Pumpkin was the most popular flavor come September.  We'd run out of a "party tub" of it in no time. The owner kept the recipe to himself, and would tell us "if you guess what spices I used, I will tell you if you're right."  My bet is we'd be able to guess each spice now, but we've come up with our own version of Pumpkin that we think could become a Scoopsies classic!

We made this flavor with our own pumpkin purée and you can really taste how fresh it is!  Just a tip: use fresh pumpkin purée and never canned pumpkin! Like vanilla extract to vanilla bean, you can't really compare the two.  They taste like completely different flavors and the canned pumpkin really compromises the flavor (and overall quality). 

It took me one hour and two knives (at the same time) to cut the pumpkin just in half, but it was worth it (and for the record, not once did I ask one of my strong roommates to help!)