(#62) MAPLE GINGER: The Taste of Fall

I used to hate Autumn because it meant Winter was on its way.  The temperature starts to drop, everything starts to die, and it's dark by 5pm.  But the flavors of Fall make up for all of this (and the foliage isn't bad, either!)  While I'm usually deep into hibernation at this point in the year, I am now out and about, and able to enjoy all of the gifts that Autumn has to offer.  This is all thanks to ice cream, of course.  I'm in love with all of the possibilities for this season so much that I haven't even thought about Winter creeping up on us.  

Maple Ginger is the essence of Fall in an ice cream flavor and one of my absolute favorites to make (and eat!)

Recommended: throw in the ginger while you are reducing the maple syrup.  This will help blend and bring out both flavors.