{AN UPDATE: A Rumble, A Bat Mitzvah, and 60 Flavors Later}

As the leaves fall, we are finally getting around to posting about our late-Summer happenings.  Every 20 flavors, we reflect on the past "chapter" of Scoopsies and it always blows my mind how far we've come as ice cream makers and business women.  At our 40-flavor milestone, I remember thinking that I couldn't imagine the project growing into something more than it was.  But once again, we've surpassed our expectations and Turkish Coffee seems long ago and far away. 

As part of our "100 Scoopsies" challenge, we plan to host a total of five ice cream socials throughout the project.  Each ice cream social has to "out-do" the last (in production, location, etc).  We're only 60 flavors in and (because neither of us know how to say "no,") we took on four events in the past two months. 

The madness began the last week in August when we were invited to appear on a local cable cooking show, Neighborhood Cooking with Candy Gold (episode to air on NewTV in Newton this week!)

In September, we had TWO events, two weekends in a row, with the potential to be serving thousands of festival-goers and book-shoppers.  We made almost 30 gallons of ice cream with our three quart-and-a-half sized ice cream makers over the course of two insanely stressful (but always worth it!) weeks. 

On September 15, we had the pleasure of sharing our ice cream with rowers and hippies alike at Rumble on the River, a music festival along the Charles River during an annual rowing competition.  We scooped a few hundred cups of ice cream over the course of seven hours, making this our most successful event so far!

                                                          Us at our "Rumble on the River" booth! 

The following weekend, we had a cozy spot at Harvard Book Store's annual Warehouse Weekend Sale. It being a warehouse book sale in Somerville, the crowd was quite the switch-up from the weekend before, which was nice!  Dulce de Leche, Turkish Coffee, and Lavender Honey were most popular at the book sale, whereas Banana Chai and Oreo were almost sold out at the Rumble! 

Special thanks to the unbelievably welcoming crew at Harvard Book Store's Warehouse!  We were invited back for their Holiday Warehouse Sale in December!

Our new friends trying some Scoopsies at the Warehouse!

Just after we kicked our shoes off and decided to relax for a few weeks, we received an invitation we couldn't turn down--the opportunity to scoop at a BAT MITZVAH.  We let the Bat Mitzvah girl decide on her flavors (and we must say, she has good taste!)  Going along with the "club" theme of the night, we served Strawberry Rave, Dulce De Leche Disco, Club Nell's Coffee Crunch, and Chocolate Peppermint Twist, along with some neon sprinkle cones, to Nell's 100 guests.  


Less than a week later, the Principal of the high school I work at asked me to host an ice cream social for the faculty and staff. With the potential of serving a few hundred of my crazy co-workers, I whipped up three gallons of ice cream in one week (chocolate, vanilla, oreo, pumpkin pie, banana chai, green tea, and lavender honey).  

This Saturday will mark our second ice cream social at The Great Scott.  Our first was months ago and I remember how overwhelming it all was.  Now, we're churning a few gallons like it's nothing.  

I can't even imagine where we will be in 20 flavors.  And I don't know if I want to.  Sixty flavors in and I'm already having the Scoopsies equivalent of a mid-life crisis.  But with age comes experience and (hopefully) more incredible opportunities. 

Until 80,