(#71) SMORE: Please Sir, I Want S'moresies!

It has been a crazy few weeks between the holidays and Harvard Book Store's Holiday Warehouse Sale (Scoopsies had a booth and we premiered some unbelievable seasonal favorites)! But I'll be catching up on flavors like crazy this week (Apricot Brandy, Mulled Wine and Chocolate Stout are all coming up--notice a theme here?) 

As I approach 100 scoopsies, deciding on the flavors is getting harder. I want each flavor to be better than the last, and I want to continue to challenge myself. But I'm still finding room for those classics, like S'more--ahem--S'MORESIES!  It might seem like a simple flavor, but making it this late in the project was a wise decision. It is perfection! 

A pint in and I found myself asking "please sir, I want s'moresies!" This flavor makes my top 10 "scoopsies," standing beside Ginger Chocolate Chunk and our first flavor, Turkish Coffee.