(#85) PB & J: Peanut Butter & Jolie

This one is for my twin sister, Jolie. 

Last week, she put in a request for "Peanut Butter & Jolie" so I went ahead and made it for her.  As I'm in the homestretch of this project, my last flavors are all really personal and some are odes to the people who have inspired me the most. While my sister has never made ice cream (and can't even eat it!) I'm inspired by her "hustling" attitude. Scoopsies owes a lot to my sister (and her boyfriend, Jeff, who has been designing my logos in exchange for Anna's Taqueria). And even though she can't try PB & Jolie, I wanted to show my gratitude by dedicating one of my last "scoopsies" to her.

Trouble makers. This was probably taken right before we shut off our brother's Zelda game, one minute before he was about to beat it!

Us twins with our friend S.C. 

Now, back to the ice cream...(sort of...)

Deciding on the "Jolie" was easy...

Not too long ago a friend of ours had saved a few newborn kittens from a shelter that was going to put them all to sleep. They were taken away from their mother too soon and were in very poor health.  Jolie adopted one of the kittens and named her Raspberry.

Raspberry could fit in the palm of your hand and would meow if you left her alone for more than fifteen seconds. 

Raspberry had to be rushed to the animal hospital on more than one occasion, and the vet told Jolie that it was unlikely she would make it. Raspberry bounced back and today she is a healthy feline inspiring homemade jams for my ice cream. 

Peanut Butter & Jolie ice cream is a peanut butter base with a Raspberry jam swirl.