(#86) AVOCADO: The Fruit of Fruits

Avocado--the fruit of fruits. My absolute favorite. I could lock myself in my room and eat guacamole ALL day (not that I've ever done this. Seriously. I haven't! I swear. I really haven't! Okay...I HAVE!) 

I didn't think I would be revisiting the "alligator pear"--Chocolate Avocado Ice Cream was flavor #3, and I made Basil Avocado a few weeks ago (a flavor that was never posted to the blog). But a few days ago my friend described a perfect avocado smoothie she had at a Domincan restaurant in Jamaica Plain. How could I not reunite with my beloved fruit friend one more time? This time there would be no chocolate, no basil--just avocado (and a hint of lime). 

Avocado smoothie with almond milk.