(#95) LIMONANA SORBET: One Night in Jerusalem

Limonana Sorbet -- the last sorbet of the project and one of the many suggested flavors from my beloved friend and inspirational foodie, Gabby.  When Scoopsies first started, I was living with Gabby and I just loved watching her cook (and eating her dishes!) She would whip up the heartiest stew in less than an hour and serve it with modesty. I wanted to master ice cream as she did her pies and stews and everything else she made. I remember laying on her bed and crying to her--"I just want to make the best ice cream!" She told me that I had the whole project ahead of me to learn what I needed to. At #95, I hope I've made some flavors worthy of my best friend!  

Now, back to Limonana! This sorbet brings me back to my adventures in Israel. Hiking Masada, rafting the Jordan River, eating gelato in Jerusalem. Above all of these memories, Limonana brings me back to the night I went to the Western Wall. I knew Gabby and our best friend Lisa were in Israel. I was there on a group trip and assumed that maybe, at the end of the week, we could try and meet up in Tel Aviv. On my way out of the Wall, I looked up and saw a girl who looked like Lisa. It couldn't be her--she wasn't even in Jerusalem and how could she possibly be at the Western Wall, in this exact place, at this exact moment? I did a double take, and there she was, with Gabby--all the way on the other side of the world. They over-dramatically ran into my arms, making a huge scene. Everyone in my group was taking photos because it was such a pure moment, one that I will never forget. 

So Gabby and Lisa, this sorbet is for you! Thanks for years of inspiration and beloved memories. 

Gabby is a food writer and has been documenting her culinary adventures on her blog. Go look--it'll leave you with serious cravings and a case of wanderlust!