{AN UPDATE: One Month & 20 Flavors To Go}

I will keep this short and sweet, as I have a mess in the kitchen to attend to and a habit of getting carried away with these cheesy challenge updates:

In one month, Scoopsies will be ONE and I will have made 100 unique ice cream flavors in 365 days. I want to say that I'll be ready for it to be over, but it might just be more bitter than sweet.  Putting my blood, sweat and tears (don't worry--they're not in the ice cream) into a project that spans an entire year...well, I'm a bit attached! And while I'm ready to start spending my time getting deeper into the science of ice cream, improving a bunch of my flavors, and developing my business plan, it will be sad to close this significant chapter in my life!

Since my last update, there has been a bit of an adjustment to the project. Sarah has bowed out and I am doing Scoopsies solo.  Yikes!--I have 20 flavors to make in a month. 

But no worries-- the show will go on! I will complete the challenge by February 9th.  But I do need help. I need your "cream of the crop" flavor suggestions to keep on coming!  I have given up my "master list" and will only be making recommendations from now on. So think as scrumptious, wild, and weird as you want. As always, if I make a flavor you suggest, I will send you a pint! 

Now, back to the kitchen...