I have THREE WEEKS & 10 FLAVORS LEFT of "100 Scoopsies"! After about a week of hardcore indecisiveness and going through my "final flavors" list over and over again with patient friends and family, today I have settled on flavors 91-99.  Most of the flavors are personal (odes to people and places) and none of them were on my original master list.  

But there is one flavor I could never decide on. Just like Turkish Coffee (flavor #1), the last flavor needs to be a suggestion. Cream of the crop, the BEST OF THE BEST. Offer as many suggestions as you'd like, and get as creative as you can! Please help me sum up "100 Scoopsies" in a flavor. 

You can make suggestions via Facebook or comment below. 

Thank you all for being a part of Scoopsies!