My Junior year of college I studied in the Netherlands in a little village called Well. I lived with 80 other students in a 14th century castle--"Kasteel Well"-- owned by my alma mater (Emerson College). It was all too good to be true. The castle was a dream. It was surrounded by drooping trees and a moat with swans. My room overlooked the moat and behind it, a garden where you would usually find...the peacock.....

I wish I could go back! It was such an inspiring three months. What a blessing it was to have had this opportunity and to be exposed to such a hospitable culture. That is why flavor #98 is Dutch-overload: A stroopwafel ice cream base (cinnamon and brown sugar) with pieces of Limburgse Vlaai and bits of stroopwafel in a stroopwafel ice cream sandwich. Okay, it's more like quadruple dutch! 

The Limburgse Vlaai is the first pie I have ever made (thanks to THIS Dutch grandma! please watch the video!) and is native to the province that I lived in. It is eaten on special occasions, which is fitting because I'm almost ready to celebrate the completion of my project!

Kasteel Well on a beautiful Spring day! 

On the Kasteel grounds...Verboden Toegang!

Eating Chocolate Gelato in Amsterdam. Want those sunglasses (crushed in 2008) and gelato right now!

Down the street from the Kasteel. You know there is a cute Dutch grandma making a vlaai in there! 


Stroopwafel & Limburgse Vlaai Ice Cream in a stroopwafel sandwich: