(#104) Salted Caramel (with Scoop Sights!)

Lately I've been cooking up some collaborative creations with Katelyn of Scoop Sights. Salted Dark Chocolate & Olive Oil, Strawberry Amaretto, and Guinness were all fancy follow-ups to "100 Scoopsies."  I was feeling a bit wiped out from the project after it ended last month, and slacking a bit on creating new flavors. So when Katelyn asked if I wanted to get together to make some 'scream, I knew it was just what I needed! It's really keeping me going and I also just love working with her and admire her for all she contributes to the ice cream community. It's pretty sweet to have someone who shares your niche passion.

For this week's flavor, we made the "New Vanilla," aka Salted Caramel Ice Cream. This was one of my 100 flavors but I've been wanting to revisit and perfect this one for awhile now. I loved this version. The caramel flavor is unreal--soo rich (and deadly).