(#106) Lavender Cardamom: Let's Get Lost

I just planted my first lavender plant! It's the start of a little lavender garden that I'll be growing on my back patio. I'm about to start composting, too! It'll mostly be Scoopsies scraps (scrapsies!) that will help the lavender grow. It's a beautiful cycle! 

I couldn't wait, though. I stopped in to Cambridge Naturals and grabbed a few ounces for my most recent flavor, Lavender Cardamom. Katelyn (of Scoop Sights) came over and made her own lavender delight--Vegan Lavender Lemon Ice Cream. Both scrumptious. 

Scoopsies' Lavender Cardamom with Scoop Sights' Vegan Lavender Lemon Ice Cream

Light and delicate, this flavor is my companion for the Summer. 

Scoop Sights' Vegan Lavender Lemon Ice Cream