Le Jus D'Orange: Two Pints of Scoopsies!

I was never much of baker. Nor was I a good cook. After making ice cream for two years, something just clicked one day. I started cooking more and more. Nowadays, I'm always baking. The more complicated a dish, the more I want to try it. And I'm constantly searching for adventurous food blogs. Le Jus D'Orange, the blog of my new friend, Betty, had me in awe. Star Anise Tea Eggs? Pork Mooncakes? Bourbon Rosemary Apple Crisp!!!? And her food photos? Don't get me started! Having just gone apple picking and searching for a use for my 30 pounds of Tougas Farm apples, I picked up a bottle of bourbon and some sprigs of rosemary and baked a few mini pans and a pie of Betty's crisp. I added some lavender and orange zest because, why not? And handed them out to my friends (just kidding -- I ate them all myself).

Betty and I have joined forces and have put together a fun little giveaway! It will run for the next two weeks and all you have to do is "like" Scoopsies & Le Jus D'Orange on Facebook or Instagram and tell us your favorite flavor! We will randomly select a winner, who will receive TWO pints of Scoopsies ice cream (delivery included). Bon appetit! 

Last three photos by Betty, Le Jus D'Orange