Sweet Winter Churnings

Here are some of my Winter Churnings:

Jasmine Rose Habanero & White Chocolate

Floral, spicy, sweet. Made with organic dried jasmine flowers, the slightest bit of habanero pepper, rosewater, organic dried rose petals, honey, and white chocolate. SO. MANY. LAYERS.

White Chocolate, Cranberry & Orange Zest


White Chocolate, Coconut & Clove

White on white on white. One of the flavors I brought along to 

Mirah 's Jamaica Plain show.

Grapefruit Orange Cayenne Chip

- A customized flavor for Flashnotes.com's holiday party. They asked for "a spicy, sour, sweet-looking flavor with a surprising kick" and orange in color. So I came up with this gem I THOUGHT IT MIGHT BE TOO avant-garde - WASN'T SURE IF IT WOULD BE A HIT. It was, though! And it sold out at

The Dirty Dottys album release show the next day!

Cardamom Hot Chocolate

- At a Scoopsies SOCIAL for an after school program, one student described it as: "It tastes the way an old lady smells. I like it!".

Mexican Hot Chocolate

- Dark chocolate with cayenne, nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla. Each ingredient truly does its job and the result is perfection for spicy and chocolate lovers. This one is signature status!

Moscow Mule

- Ginger beer, lime, and vodka. Served in a copper mug!

Hot Toddy

- Whiskey, honey, mulling spices. Eat in place of an actual Hot Toddy and you'll be surprised how soothing it is! It'll cure your SNIFFLES and you'll be pretty tipsy!

Poppied Almond

- Inspired by Snoqualmie Ice Cream's Almond Poppy. First tried it when I did my Seattle Ice Cream Tour!


Curried Apricot & White Rum 

Coconut Ginger & Candied Roasted Pecans

Vegan Spiced Caramel

Blood Orange & Fennel

Quince Sorbet

Coconut Oreo

Coconut Ginger

Just Maple

North Carolina Blackberry

Vegan Salted Caramel

Sprinkled Butterscotch